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Accelerate the draw process.

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Quick Draw serves as Honest Project’s industry-leading online project management solution aimed at improving transparency and reducing risk in the construction draw management process. Our state of the art project management solution enables owners, lenders, builders, vendors and subcontractors to collaborate on commercial, SBA and residential construction projects. Quick Draw tracks budgets, invoices, payments, draws and change orders in an easily accessible online service.

Quick Draw Features:

  • Supports a multi-party draw process including submission, review and approval.
  • Tracks project budgets and invoices.
  • Collects and associates payment records and lien waivers to project invoices.
  • Provides centralized change order management, tracking the request through estimation, review and approval.
  • Collects and tracks punch list items.
  • Facilitates a safe and centralized location for paperwork accessible by all project participants.

Subscribers to Quick Draw have access to features and data defined by project function. For more details on pricing, or to get more information on Quick Draw, contact the Honest Project Sales Team.

QuickDraw Pricing

Access to QuickDraw is available nationwide.

A monthly fee of $150.00 is required for each Project.

The monthly total fee for all of your subscriptions will be collected through an automatic monthly payment against a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. A one-time pro-rated payment may be collected when you add new projects. This one time charge is used to cover the increase in your monthly total fee for the remainder of the current month.