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Break through the claim perfection maze.

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ProClaim is Honest Project’s keystone product for lien and bond claim automation.  Specific to Texas regulation, ProClaim walks you step-by-step through the process of generating all the necessary paperwork and documentation to perfect the claim.  With this easy to use automated online service, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can quickly access their accounts on the go.

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ProClaim Features Include:

  • Claim support for Federal, State and Local Government, Commercial and Residential projects.
  • Manages the project information needed to perfect the claim in a step-by-step online form.
  • Generating an easy to follow roadmap for the lien and bond claim process specific to your project.
  • Lists all contacts, supporting documentation and invoices required to file the claim.
  • Provides a personalized list of tasks and deadlines to perfect your claim.
  • Generates project documents, ready to be printed and sent via USPS certified mail.
  • Supports contractual retainage and specially fabricated materials claims.
  • Serves as a comprehensive resource for Texas and Federal lien and bond statutes.

Subscribers to ProClaim have access to this exclusive online service and can create unlimited claims without incurring additional fees.  This affordable monthly subscription yields a high return on investment and puts clients at ease as they navigate through the complex lien and bond claim process.

ProClaim Pricing

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$75.00/month subscription for each User license. Each User license allows one User to access ProClaim through your Participant account.

Limitations: ProClaim is currently only supported for claims in the state of Texas.

The monthly total fee for all of your subscriptions will be collected through an automatic monthly payment against a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. A one-time pro-rated payment may be collected when you add new subscriptions, or increase the number of User licenses on existing subscriptions. This one time charge is used to cover the increase in your monthly total fee for the remainder of the current month.